The Fine

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of Dan Nelson

What is a Live Event Painter?

What is a Live Event Painter?

  • Show up early.
  • Set up easel.
  • Paint fast.
  • Paint well . . .

All while smiling and chatting with friends old and new.

What sets Dan apart?

Unlike mere Performance Art, Dan’s creations are authentic masterpieces, a testament to his skill and versatility across various mediums: acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, sand sculpture, street painting, and airbrush. It helps that he’s been doing it a long time— way before it had a name.

One of the things that sets Dan apart is his innovative equipment. Tailored for every occasion, his custom-designed easels come in SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and even TRAVEL SIZE . . . but it is Dan’s HUMONGOUS SIZE EASEL that puts him in a class by himself: 1200 pounds in 3 boxes on 12 wheels in a customized trailer holding an 8-by-11- foot canvas, a roof, a sound system, lights, compressed air, and a built-in generator. You can visit to see exactly what that looks like.

Wedding Painting

A very special category of Live Event Painting

Capture the essence of your wedding ceremony or reception in a live painting, completed in the presence of your guests. Well . . . mostly completed. Dan actually takes the painting home to apply finishing details in his studio. Explore a decade's worth of Dan's Wedding Paintings, each a unique masterpiece.

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