I failed the very first assignment of my academic career . . .

On DAY ONE of kindergarten I colored the balloons instead of counting them.

The artistic itch was already that strong.

Undaunted by such inauspicious beginnings, I went on to win a string of prestigious awards:

2nd Place, National Safety Poster Contest!
3rd Place, Local Pumpkin Carving Contest!
1st Place, Small Town Window Painting Competition
(against a bunch of kids roughly half my age, as it turned out.)

Naturally, such accolades kept the itch going, so I went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a small college in the Midwest. My real education, however, took place during the 15 or 20 years when I sat at my desk 50 or 60 hours a week drawing whatever the telephone (ad agencies, mostly) told me to draw.

Most Americans would have stumbled upon my work at sometime during the 80's or 90's-- in restaurants and sporting goods stores, at summer camps and public libraries, from IBM to hospitals and book covers to billboards. "I'm really famous," I used to tell my kids, "just nobody knows it."

Three forces conspired to make me the artist that I am today:

1) The joy of creating,
2) Clients with deadlines,
3) The threat of starvation.

I now spend most of my time as a “Fine Artist”
— which essentially means you don’t get paid for your work.
(Until it sells.)

I paint cityscapes a lot; I paint my hometown a lot.
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
I nearly always paint with an audience, live or online— at Youtube Channel Everything else you can figure out by looking at my website.

Thanks for visiting!

P H O N E : 9 1 9 - 6 2 3 - 5 2 6 2

As of last count, there are approximately 1,697 works of art represented on this website.


1) Because I’ve been doing this a long time. I want my Mom to know I’ve been busy.
2) I’m not trying to sell stuff here, so I don’t care that much if it’s too much for ya.
3) This is my online portfolio, if you will. I’ve done a lot of stuff. I want you to see it.